CFP: Laments Lost or Alive and Well

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Kyynelkanavat–a Finnish project founded by Kone Foundation–invites papers for its international conference on the lament tradition Laments Lost or Alive and Well, May 15–17, 2023. 

The conference welcomes proposals for papers on a range of topics related to the lament in the realms of ritual, performing arts, emotion, the (post)modern, cultural identity, research history, spirituality, and psychology, to name but a few. Potential themes for proposals include but are not limited to the following subject areas:

  • Laments and changing context
  • Rites of passage and transitions in contemporary/(post)modern urban culture
  • Revivals of laments and new interpretations and representations
  • Postcolonial perspectives on laments
  • Sensed, bodily felt laments
  • Artistic interpretations and stage performances
  • Religion, beliefs, and laments
  • Laments and spiritual interpretations
  • Laments in times of crisis
  • Historical lament traditions

The deadline for the proposal submission is November 10, 2022. 

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