CFP: Poetics of Travelling Self: Discursive Formations and Purposiveness of Travel

Calls for Submissions

The journal Language, Literatureand Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS) is seeking submissions for an issue called “Poetics of the Travelling Self: Discursive Formations and Purposiveness of Travel.” Submissions are due by January 31, 2022.

Scholars are invited to explore how travel writings make and remake us and our world through and beyond the following themes: 

  • Travel writing as Life Writing 
  • Wanderlust and economy of desire
  • Dynamics of exclusion
  • Democratization of travel and mass tourism 
  • Travel writing as means of worldmaking 
  • Travel writing and thanatourism
  • Memory Studies and travel writing 
  • Tradition of travel writing in non-western world
  • Food and travel
  • Pedagogical approaches to travel writing 
  • Motif of travel in Bildungsroman genre 
  • Travel as a theme in Science Fiction and popular fiction 
  • Formation/crisis of identity
  • Autobiographical travel narratives: phenomenology of experience
  • Travel writing in Cultural Studies
  • Travel writing and Medical Humanities
  • Theories of affect in relation to travel writing  
  • Travel blogs, vlogs, and visual culture
  • Philosophical travelogues
  • Significance of religion in travel writing 
  • Travel journalism
  • Travel writing and imagined geography/cartography
  • Ecocritical approaches to travel writing
  • Travel writing and cosmopolitanism

Only complete papers will be considered for publication. The papers need to be submitted according to the guidelines of the MLA 8th edition. Full-length papers (3,500–10,000 words) are welcome, along with a 150-word abstract and list of keywords.

Please read the submission guidelines before making a submission. Email any queries to [email protected].

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