CFP: Women and Water: The Flow of Matriculture

Calls for Submissions

Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies is seeking papers for their Autumn 2024 / Winter 2025 issue. This issue of Matrix seeks to explore the relationship between water and women. They are looking for articles which, among other things, describe women’s ritual behavior in relation to water (formal or folkloric), the ways in which water affects women’s lives and experiences, the cultural stories and views which inform their relationship. The deadline for abstract submission is June 15, 2023.

The papers can focus on the following, but not limited to, topics:

  • Myths and stories about women and water
  • Rituals and ceremonies concerning water done by women
  • Culturally-affirming relationship between oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, or other natural bodies of water and women
  • Special relationships associating the moon, water, and women
  • Economic consequences of women’s associations with water
  • Historical instances of women’s preeminent relationship with water

Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies (Matrix) is an open-access, peer-reviewed and refereed scholarly journal published by the International Network for Training, Education, and Research on Culture (Network on Culture), Canada. Matrix is published online twice yearly (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer). Matrix is a new journal in the humanities and social sciences, founded to provide an interdisciplinary forum for those who are working from the theoretical stance of matriculture as a Geertzian cultural system.

For more information or abstract submission, please contact: Linnéa Rowlatt, Managing Editor, at [email protected] or to the Editorial Collective at [email protected] (subject line: Matrix Vol 4, Issue 1)

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