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A group of eight men, similarly dressed in vests, button-down white shirts, and black ties, stand in front of a red church door.
Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God

Register now for a live session with the Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God gospel ensemble as we join them September 9, 2021 at 7:00 pm EDT in their rehearsal space for music and conversation with moderator Amy Skillman, in partnership with the Susquehanna Folk Music Society.

Raised in the southern musical traditions of the Black Baptist Church and the Grand Ole’ Opry, the founding members of the Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God bring an eclectic sensibility to over 30 years of making Gospel music together. The group started as a Men’s Fellowship Ensemble at the First Spirit-Filled Missionary Baptist Church in Harrisburg, PA and has performed at churches and festivals throughout the mid-Atlantic. 

At its heart, their music is about community and “saving souls, one song at a time.”  That might happen through a soulful ballad, a hard-drivin’ blues tune, or the foot-shuffling rhythms of a country song.  They play some of the familiar classics, but are best known for their originals.  With instrumentation that includes a saxophone and a mandolin, along with drums and electric guitars, their music is surprising, yet it is about real life experiences.  Reverend Moses Jackson is the spiritual leader of the group and is often moved to minister in the middle of a song.  But the songs and arrangements are all created through fellowship and collaboration. 

For this month’s Hear from Harrisburg, the Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God have invited us into one of their rehearsals at the church.  They will share several songs, tell some great stories, and do a little ministering.  You are invited to bring your tambourines, your open hearts, and your dancing shoes. 

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