Hilton Employees Raising Awareness About Negotiations for a Wage Increase

Annual Meeting News

AFS supports the right of workers to express grievances, educate, and organize for their rights. We have learned union employees of the Hilton Portland Downtown and The Duniway are advocating for an initial  $2.70 raise. This wage increase would impact non-tipped employees such as Housekeepers, Cooks and Dishwashers.  

AFS is in direct communication with leaders of the Local 8 chapter of Unite Here who explained that non-tipped workers are experiencing high costs of food, rent and other necessities, but have not had a raise in 20 months. In addition, housekeepers are experiencing increased workload due to the elimination of automatic daily room cleaning, and many departments are experiencing short staffing.

Demonstrators will continue to work their scheduled shifts and raise awareness outside of the Hilton Portland Downtown and The Duniway over the next couple of days.

How AFS is supporting workers

We want participants in the meeting to be aware of the demonstrations and to learn ways to support the workers where possible. We will continue to share information about the demonstrations as we receive updates.

In addition, AFS invites workers to attend the Annual Meeting and explore sessions that focus on community and cultural advocacy strategies.

Contemporary Unionism and Power: Organizing as Occupational Culture

07-09 Folklore, Advocacy, and Community Protest

06-13 Adversity, Advocacy, and the Politics of Vernacular Artistic Expression

How You can support workers

Annual Member attendees can support demonstrators by 

  • Demonstrating with workers in front of the hotels on Sunday morning from 10:30-11:30.
  • Learning more about workers and negotiations by contacting Organizer Be Marston at (971) 275-6835.
  • Going in groups to talk to hotel management about your thoughts about fair working conditions and articulating your solidarity with employees and demonstrators. 

Learn more about the Local 8 chapter of Unite Here.

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