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cover of book, Kirati Folk Stories, by Iman Singh Chemjong and Translated by Moheindu Chemjong Karki

Tulsa-based Moheindu Chemjong Karki has translated her grandfather’s book of folk tales published in Nepal more than 50 years ago, in Kirati Folk Stories, by Iman Singh Chemjong (Outskirts Press).

Iman Singh Chemjong was a famous scholar, historian, linguist, lexicographer, and philosopher who made diverse and multidimensional contributions to Nepal, especially to the Kirati community, in terms of understanding its civilization and history. He carried out detailed primary research and wrote fifteen books including The History of the Kirats, The History of Kirat Literature, Kirati Religion, The History and Culture of Kirat People, Kirat Philosophy, The History of Bijaypur, Kirati Folk Stories, and the Limbu-Nepali-English Dictionary.

The book is available on Amazon and free for Kindle readers.

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