Local Learning Publishes 10th Volume of JFE: Teaching with Folk Sources

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The 10th Volume of the Journal of Folklore and Education offers two issues packed with resources and content. Expanding mainstream notions that primary sources are historical documents housed in hard-to-access archives, this volume showcases archival items that expand our vision of community, self, the past, the future, pedagogical opportunities—and, yes, history.

What if young people saw themselves in an archive? Recognized their families and arts in a folklife collection? Grew curious about documenting what is going on in their communities? Explore these possibilities in Issue 1, entitled “Learning with Folk Sources: Listen, Observe, Connect.”

Issue 2 features work by a consortium project Teaching with Folk Sources, funded by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program. Find here frameworks and detailed lesson plans from Local Learning’s TPS consortium project members and their educator partners, organized as a Curriculum Guide.

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