Matrix: Journal for Matricultural Studies Releases Special Issue on East Asia Societies

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The Network on Culture is very pleased to publish Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2021) of Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies. The issue is now live online, here:

This issue has a special focus on matricultural societies of East Asia, including oral lore from Mosuo community elder Lamu Gatusa. The Issue Editor is Christine Mathieu, PhD, noted for her research with the Mosuo people of southern China. Articles are available open access through the website.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Mathieu)
  2. “In The Beginning, Woman Was The Sun”: Takamure Itsue’s Historical Reconstructions as Matricultural Explorations (Sato)
  3. Indigenous Beliefs for Sustainability: On the Significance of Ritual in the Gender Ecology of Tibetan and Mosuo Matricultures of Northwestern Yunnan (Previato)
  4. Entraide et réciprocité chez les Na de Chine. Une lecture de la socialité na et de la centralité des maisons dans l’organisation sociale. (Milan)
  5. Using evolutionary theory to hypothesize a transition from patriliny to matriliny and back again among the Mosuo people of Southwest China (Mattison et al)
  6. The Husband-less Societies of the Sino-Tibetan Marches (Darragon)
  7. Political transformations and love suicide among the Naxi People (Fuquan)
  8. Reflections on Mosuo oral lore (Gatusa)
  9. Discussion of Matricultural Societies of East Asia (Mathieu)
  10. Book Review: Marie-Françoise Guédon’s review of Ok-Kyung Pak’s Les Plongeuses Jamnyo (Haenyo) de Jeju en Corée et le Néo-Confucianisme, une mythologie double (2018)

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