National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Featured on The Moth Radio Hour Podcast

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The Moth Radio Hour podcast featured the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering on their November 29 episode. Learn more and listen to the episode.

“The Gathering” is a week-long coming-together of people rooted in the poetry, music, and arts of cowboy country. It is a delightful, immersive experience for those who appreciate the rural West’s boundless creativity. It is an open-hearted occasion to forge connections and grow knowledge among, and with, people who live life on the land. It’s a mid-winter, multigenerational, merrymaking event full of ranch-y folk and ranch-y food, art, gear, film, discussions, dance, music, verse, and more. It is the place to talk cowboy poetry. And, it’s a darn good time for all!

First produced in 1985, by a small group of folklorists and poets, the Gathering has grown into a national and international happening. Expect a full week of entertaining and educational programs highlighting cultural expression of the rangeland West. And, expect an atmosphere ripe for spontaneous “you couldn’t dream this stuff up if you tried” moments. If you do it right (and there’s really no way to do it wrong), you’ll listen, you’ll laugh, you’ll reflect, you’ll connect, you’ll learn, you’ll cavort, you’ll live tradition, and you’ll leave refreshed in the creative possibility of the West.

Learn more on the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering website.

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