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The National Endowment for the Humanities invites applicants to the newest grant program of the National Endowment for the Humanities: Cultural and Community Resilience (CCR). The deadlines are January 12, 2023, and early May 2023.

The purpose of the CCR grant is to support community-based efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic by safeguarding cultural resources and fostering cultural resilience through the identification, documentation, and/or collection of cultural heritage and community experience. Grants of up to $150,000 will support projects of up to two years. 

The CCR program contributes to the continuity of cultural heritage and its availability for future generations by supporting community-based projects that empower people to define, collect, and use cultural and historical resources. This program also seeks to document contemporary experiences with climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic and to deepen our understanding of their social, economic, and emotional impact on individuals and communities. The program prioritizes projects from disadvantaged communities in the United States or its jurisdictions.  

NEH offers staff consultation and review of draft proposals. They also suggest checking out their Tips on Applying for a Preservation & Access Award

The deadlines are January 12, 2023, and early May 2023. Optional drafts are due December 1, 2022. Visit the CCR program page for further information and the Notice of Funding Opportunity. Contact NEH at [email protected] or 202-606-8253. 

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