Follow these guidelines when submitting proposals for the AFS Annual Meeting.

Published program material will include the name of the presenter(s), their institutional affiliations, presentation titles, and a short (100-word) abstract. The AFS online program hub supports presenter biographies (optional), but the print program book does not.

Co-authors should not be listed unless they are co-presenters.


  • Use the “affiliation” field to name your employer, occupation, or if a student, where you are enrolled. Other commonly used options: “Independent,” or place of residence.
  • Do not include departmental information.
  • Names of organizations should be written out; no acronyms.
  • Multiple affiliations may be listed, separated by a slash (/).

Long Abstracts

Long (500-word) abstracts are read only by the review committee to determine which proposals will be included in the program. Because they are not published, they do not have to conform to any particular style beyond the norms of readability. Because they are subject to blind review, they should not include any information that will identify the presenter of a paper.

Do not put authors or presentation titles in the proposal form’s abstract text boxes.

Short Abstracts

Short (100-word) abstracts may be published online and in print, and may be accessible to a general audience. Short abstracts may be edited for editorial consistency.

Do not put authors or presentation titles in the proposal form’s abstract text boxes.

Short abstracts for individual presentations are published alphabetically by presenter in the Annual Meeting program book.

Short abstracts for pre-organized sessions are published together in the program book in order by slot-ids, which are assigned after all sessions have been scheduled. The slot-id essentially designates the time and place of the session. The program book abstract will include only the slot-id, presentation title, and short abstract text.


  • The title should be submitted in title case: only “important” words are capitalized. AFS follows The Chicago Manual of Style in any question of capitalization. Generally, capitalize the first and last word, and all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions (if, because, as, that, etc.). Articles, coordinating conjunctions and prepositions are in lowercase, regardless of length.
  • Do not use all caps.