Proposed SIEF Working Group on Feminist Approaches to Ethnology and Folklore Seeking Members

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Members of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) are working to establish a new SIEF Working Group on Feminist Approaches to Ethnology and Folklore and they need your help as soon as possible. The Working Group proposal will be submitted to the SIEF Board in the Fall, and a show of Members is needed for Board approval.

The process for establishing such a group begins with identifying SIEF members who want to be a part of the working group. You must be a dues-paying SIEF member to join its working groups. There are many benefits of SIEF membership, and working group membership provides access and interaction with our growing annotated bibliography, and is a prerequisite to participating in conference panels. The organizers of the SIEF Working Group in Feminist Approaches to Ethnology and Folklore hope to have a presence at the 2023 SIEF meeting, including sponsored panels.

If you are interested in joining, start by activating or confirming your current membership in SIEF. Apply for SIEF general membership.

Then send an email to JoAnn Conrad (USA) or Dagrún Ósk (Iceland) saying that you want to be a part of this new feminist folklore adventure. You can request a copy of the draft mission statement for the group from the organizers or Kay Turner.

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