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AFS News rounds up events, professional opportunities, and news in the field of folklore. The AFS Newsletter, a bi-weekly email digest of recent AFS News postings, is emailed to the roughly 900 AFS members who opt in.


H-Folk: A listserv on H-Net, H-Folk supports international conversation on research, teaching, policy, and historiography in the fields of folklore and ethnology. To join, go to

Publore: a listserv for the public folklore community. The Publore listserv was begun in November of 1996 by Claude Stephenson of New Mexico Arts, who still hosts the group. The platform offers a way to communicate with colleagues about issues of concern to public folklore, requests for information or assistance, job postings, announcements of events, exhibits and publications. To join, go to for a link to join or leave the list, as well as past Publore postings grouped by week.

AFS Archives and Libraries Section: a listserv open to all to discuss issues and spread word of events; to join, contact the Section convener; the current convener and more information about this section may be found on the AFS Archives and Libraries Section page.

AFS Folklore and Historic Preservation listserv: hp_folk

AFS Folklore Latino, Latinoamericano, y Caribeño Section listserv: To be added to the listserv, contact the section convener or visit The current convener and more information about this section can be found on the AFS Folklore Latino, Latinoamericano, y Caribeño Section page.

AFS Women’s Section listserv: [email protected]. To be added to the listserv, contact the section convener.  The current convener and more information about this section maybe found on the AFS Women’s Section page.

Association of Western States Folklorists (AWSF) listserv: to join, send an email to [email protected]. For more information, see the AWSF website at

Ballad-L: a listserv for any ballad/folksong scholar or enthusiast; to subscribe visit [email protected] and put “subscribe ballad-l” in the subject line of the prepared email message.

Folkwriters-L: a listserv for section members and other interested parties to keep up to date about the activities of the section, to work together to plan AFS events, and to share information, recommendations, and resources. To join, see

Mediterranean Studies Listserv: a listserv sponsored by the AFS Mediterranean Section; to join, email the current conveners, whose information may be found on the AFS Mediterranean Section page.

Web-Based Discussion Groups


NORTH AMERICAN SONGSTER: A public discussion list specifically aimed at facilitating communication between those with an interest in cheap print in the USA and Canada;

Facebook/Google/Yahoo groups or pages

AFS African American Folklore Section:

AFS Archives and Libraries Section

AFS Children’s Folklore Section:

AFS Dance and Movement Analysis Section:

AFS Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section:

AFS Folklore and Creative Writing Section:

AFS Folklore and Literature Section, closed Facebook group:

AFS Folklore and Museums Section:

AFS Folk Narrative Section: for members of the Folk Narrative Section, and individuals with an academic interest in the study of narrative folklore:

AFS Foodways Section, closed Facebook group:

AFS Graduate Student Section, open Facebook group:

AFS History and Folklore Section, open Facebook group:

AFS LGBTQA Section of the American Folklore Society, closed Facebook group:

AFS Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Section, Facebook page:; Yahoo group that anyone may join:

AFS Latino and Chicano Sections 

AFS Medieval and Early Modern Folklore Section, open Facebook group:

AFS Mediterranean Studies Section, closed Facebook group:

AFS Music and Song Section, open Facebook group:

AFS New Directions in Folklore Section:  

AFS Nordic-Baltic Folklore Section, open Facebook group:

AFS Politics, Folklore and Social Justice Section

AFS Transnational Asia/Pacific Section, Google Group:!forum/asian-as-am-folklore

AFS Women’s Section, closed Facebook group:

Alabama Folklife:

Alliance for California Traditional Arts:

American Folk Art Museum

American Folklife Center

American Folklore Society

Arkansas Folk and Traditional Arts: Folklife Program

Association of Western States Folklorists:

Community-based Folklore:

Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University Bloomington

Florida Folklife Program

Folk Arts in Southern Nevada

Folklore and Folklife Studies at Penn State University

Folklore Society of Utah:

Folklore Studies Association of Canada:

Heritage Crafts Association, an advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts:

The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (HFNL), open Facebook group:

International Organization of Folk Art

International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, open Facebook group:

Keepers of Tradition; organization website:

Kentucky Folklife Program:

Louisiana Folklore Society

Maine Folklife Center

Maryland Traditions:

Mid-America Arts Alliance, organization website:

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Middle Atlantic Folklife Association (MAFA)

Missouri Folk Arts Program

Museum of International Folk Art

National Council for the Traditional Arts:

New York Folklore Society

North Carolina Folklife Institute:

Oregon Folklife Network

Philadelphia Folklore Project:

Publore Annex, a Facebook group to complement the publore listserv:

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Smithsonian Folklife Education Resources:

South Arts

Southern Folklife Collection

Southern Foodways Alliance

Texas Folklife Festival

Traditional Arts Indiana:

TRADSONG: The online discussion group for the Traditional Song Forum, based in United Kingdom;

Vermont Folklife Center

Western Folklife Center

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