Wartburg and Sarah Lawrence College Seek Public Humanities Fellow

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Sarah Lawrence College in partnership with Wartburg invites applications for a Public Humanities Fellow starting in August 2021. This three-year fellowship is funded by their recently awarded grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This position will both enhance the work at the Wartburg and extend curricular and pedagogical innovation for the college.

The Public Humanities Fellow will lead several key pieces of work to help residents link their past with the future—to become more connected to their family members, staff and the wider world. Both storytelling, an ancient oral tradition for sharing personal histories and traditions and technology, a new medium to share stories, interests, music, and more will be integral to the work of the Public Humanities Fellow. Working closely with residents and staff members, initiatives will include; the development of an interactive, oral history program that includes a multi-media platform. Story-telling methods might involve writing, film, photography, theatre etc; the implementation of Soundmind, a virtual concierge system, a new technology (similar to Alexa), to keep seniors informed, engaged, and connected to their families, friends and wider Wartburg community. Technology will help to change the face of geriatric care for both staff members and for the lives of residents. They hope such initiatives will promote increased emotional health, social engagement and lifelong learning for seniors at Wartburg as we bring technology more into their lives.

To read more about and apply for the position, please visit the job posting.

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