WKU Folk Studies Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Speaker Series Presents Marilyn M. White

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headshot of marilyn white, who has white hair, wears glasses, and has a brown and black striped jacket
Photo courtesy of WKU Folk Studies.

AFS President, Dr. Marilyn M. White, will give a talk at WKU as part of their celebration of the 50th anniversary of their Folk Studies program. White is a former WKU Folk Studies professor and retired professor of anthropology and Africana Studies at Kean University.

Diss/Connections: IU, UT, WKU, KU, and LC

February 23, 2023 at 5:30 pm (EST) at the Kentucky Museum

This presentation is a multipart exploration of Dr. White’s personal folklore journey, of relationships between and among folklore colleagues, of the value of academic programs, and of cultural and environmental knowledge of people on a tiny Caribbean island.

Learn more on the WKU website and Facebook page.

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