Women Writing Wonder to be Published in October 2021

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Women Writing Wonder: An Anthology of Subversive Nineteenth-Century British, French, and German Fairy Tales is a translation and critical edition that fills a current gap in fairy-tale scholarship by making accessible texts written by nineteenth century British, French, and German women authors who used the genre of the fairy tale to address issues such as class, race, and female agency. These shared themes crossed national borders are due to both communication among these writers and changes in nineteenth-century European societies that similarly affected women in Western Europe. In effect, the combined texts reveal a common, transnational tradition of fairy tales by women writers who grapple with gender, sexual, social, and racial issues in a post–French Revolution Europe. The anthology provides insight into the ways the fairy tale served as a vehicle for women writers—often marginalized and excluded from more official or public genres—to engage in very serious debates

Women Writing Wonder will be published October 2021 by Wayne State University Press.

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