AFS Members Approve Bylaws Amendments

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The five AFS Bylaws amendments proposed by the Executive Board in 2022 have been approved by AFS members, reaching the 66% approval threshold required by the AFS Bylaws. Proposals 1-5 will go into immediate effect. The Executive Board appreciates this vote of support for these measures aimed to make AFS more inclusive, adaptable, agile, and sustainable for the long term, and sincerely thanks all members who voted in this vital democratic process.

With 203 total votes cast, the vote turnout was about average, at 22% of AFS membership. The full break-down of the voting is as follows:

  • Proposal 1, Clarifying Language, was approved by 177 of 203 votes cast on this amendment (87%).
  • Proposal 2, New Council of Past Presidents, was approved by 179 of 200 votes cast (89%).
  • Proposal 3, Succession, was approved by 184 of 201 votes cast (92%).
  • Proposal 4, Annual Adaptation, was approved by 148 of 198 votes cast (75%).
  • Proposal 5, Conservation and Agility, was approved by 129 of 192 votes cast (67%). Therefore, starting now, the Board will elect one Board member in February, and AFS members will elect two Board members in the fall of every year. This change will yield a total of 14 Board members in 2023, then 11 Board members in 2024 and the following years.

The 2017 Bylaws will soon be updated to include the approved amendments. Executive Director Jessica Turner and AFS President Marilyn M. White will begin work at once to constitute the Council of Past Presidents and set in motion the process for the Executive Board to elect a new Board member who will be seated in time for the 2023 spring Board meeting. AFS members are always welcome to make suggestions for candidates for Board; contact Jessica Turner to make a recommendation.

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