AFS News and Social Media  Resumes as Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition Suspends Its Strike

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The Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition United Electrical Workers (IGWC-UE) voted May 10 by a margin of 78% to suspend its strike for union recognition until September 2022, according to the coalition newsletter.

This decision comes the day after Indiana University faculty initiated an historic Special Meeting of the Bloomington Faculty on Monday, passing resolutions affirming no retaliation for graduate workers who participated in the strike, and urging the Indiana University Board of Trustees to provide IGWC-UE a pathway to union recognition. 

Read more about the coalition and its strike at the IGWC website, and read the AFS statement on pausing its news during the strike here. For more background on the nationwide trend of graduate student workers organizing for labor rights, read this article from The Guardian. For more on the repercussions of the strike at Indiana University, this article from the local newspaper The Hoosier Times offers some context and analysis.

AFS staff will work to resume normal news coverage as soon as possible.

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