AFS Schedules Virtual Events for a Wide Range of Time Zones

Did you know...?

AFS schedules virtual events like the annual meeting or the upcoming heritage webinar to accommodate a wide range of time zones. Despite appearances, AFS virtual events are not just scheduled for Eastern Time; we may display times in Eastern Time (where we are headquartered at Indiana University), but we strive to schedule virtual sessions at a time that adjusts to other time zones.

Based on our membership, past meeting registration lists, and our meeting planning surveys, we expect participants from around the world. In 2020, AFS staff spent a great deal of time reviewing the virtual meeting daily schedule from every angle, aiming to make it as accessible as possible for the greatest number of participants. Though we regret the discomfort of a 7:30 am session for those in Pacific Time, that early start time makes it possible for participants as far to the east as India, and every zone in between, to take part in live sessions.

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