Folklore and Education Section Launches Online Newsletter

AFS Folklore and Education Section Newsletter

The Folklore and Education Section will now publish items of interest on the AFS website in an online incarnation of the Folklore and Education Newsletter. All news and announcements, reports, features or notes that concern folklore and education can be published as they occur, accessible immediately in AFS News, and sent as an email to all AFS News subscribers within two weeks of posting.

This platform replaces the blog that was released earlier this year, as well as the former, annual Folklore and Education Newsletter. The content from both previous publications have been migrated to the Folklore and Education Newsletter, so you can find all past coverage in one place. Thanks to the contributors to the new blog as well as those who have contributed to the old newsletters!

Now, content curator Nic Hartmann and former co-editor Gregory Hansen ask for your contributions to the Folklore and Education Newsletter! They’re interested in any items of general interest as well as notifications of new resources for use in folklife in education.

Share your information about new resources for use in schools and in adult education — specifically educational programs outside of higher education. “New Resource” items should include a blurb of up to 150 words, the title of the resource, a brief description, ordering information, and any contact info that you’d like to include. 

Send new resources and submissions or suggestions for longer pieces to Nic at [email protected].

The AFS email digest is a benefit of membership in the Society, but it isn’t restricted to dues-paying members. To subscribe, join AFS in any category and say “yes” when asked if you’d like to receive the AFS News digest, or use the form in the footer to ask to be added to the AFS mailing list.

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