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photograph of the Center of the Universe landmark in Tulsa, OK
The Center of the Universe is a landmark in downtown Tulsa, OK that marks the site of an acoustic phenomenon; if you stand in the center of the circle and make a sound, it echoes back much louder. Photo by Brad Lovell.

The AFS Annual Meeting hub holds the online program, and the other information you need to engage with the 2022 Annual Meeting. Anyone can view all the pages of the hub, and it will serve as the center of access and up-to-date information even as we gather in Tulsa. Use the online program, which is readable on mobile devices, as a complement to the print program book that you can still pick up onsite.

Meeting Highlights will help you navigate our jam-packed program.

The hub will also provide access to some protected content, like recordings of plenary events, Zoom access for some hybrid sessions, and presenters’ contact information. See the hub’s General Information for more about how to access hybrid sessions and recordings.

Register today to ensure you have access when the annual meeting begins! If you register after business hours, allow up to 1 business day between registering and gaining access to the platform.

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