A mural of folk musician Woody Guthrie featuring an image of Guthrie playing guitar, below the text "The Land is Your Land".

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2022 Annual Meeting

The American Folklore Society gathered for its 134th annual meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 12-15, 2022. The theme of the meeting was Re-centering the Periphery

We had an incredible annual meeting in Tulsa! We appreciate the immense collaborative effort that went into organizing, planning for, and dreaming of this meeting over the past five years. We express our deepest gratitude to the members of the Tulsa Local Committee for their vision and hard work, and we thank Local Committee Chair Sarah Milligan, Review Committee Chair Theresa Vaughan, and 2020 Local Committee Chair Terri Jordan for their leadership. Scroll down for highlights of the diverse and engaging program they helped AFS leadership plan and organize. 

In 2022, we welcomed 10 new Fellows and 4 honorary International Fellows.

Explore the 2022 Annual Meeting program, meeting highlights, and the Annual Meeting Report below.

View the 2022 Annual Meeting Program

Click the links below to access the full meeting schedule or the abstracts for the 2022 AFS Annual Meeting in Tulsa.

Annual Meeting Report

AFS staff is currently hard at work on the Annual Meeting Report, one section of the larger AFS Annual Report.

We will post it here and in the AFS News in early 2023.

We Planned an Accessible In-Person Meeting

Thank you to all who joined us in Tulsa!  

This year, in order to continue our initiatives to make the Annual Meeting as widely accessible as possible, we took proposals for virtual paper presentations from those who cannot travel. The Review Committee integrated accepted virtual proposals into a limited number of hybrid panels, whose recordings are available asynchronously to registrants until January 2023.

Key plenary content was livestreamed for a virtual audience, and recordings of those events are also available on the Annual Meeting Hub.

photograph of the Center of the Universe landmark in Tulsa, OK
The Center of the Universe is a well-known landmark in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. While it is visually just a small concrete circle in the middle of a larger brick circle, it garners interest because it is the site of an acoustic phenomenon; if you stand in the center of the circle and make a sound, it is echoed back to you much louder. Photo by Brad Lovell.

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View from above of many people gathered in a hotel lobby around posters and exhibit tables
Attendees mingle and interact with local artists demonstrating their work at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society in Baltimore. Photo by Meredith McGriff

2022 Annual Meeting Committee

Review Committee

Theresa Vaughan, Chair
Brent Bjorkman
Ian Brodie
Ellie Dassler
Lisa Higgins
Shelley Ingram
Jason Baird Jackson
Terri Jordan
Moira Marsh
Mark Miyake
Ross Peterson-Veatch
Erika Peterson-Veatch
Virginia Siegel
Dan Swan

Local Arrangements Committee

Sarah Milligan, Chair
Autumn Brown
Suzette Chang
Mark Davidson
Eyakem Gulilat
Jason Baird Jackson
Terri Jordan
Kimberly Marshall
Molly O’Connor
Ross Peterson-Veatch
Erika Peterson-Veatch
Hayden Roberts
Virginia Siegel
Dan Swan
Teresa Vaughan

Questions about the annual meeting? Check our FAQs, or send a message to [email protected].