AFS provides:

  • an LCD projector
  • a screen
  • a remote control
  • a 15-pin VGA cable (the standard connection to the projector)


AFS may provide speakers suitable to the room ONLY for those who request them in their proposal.

AFS will also provide sound systems and podium microphones in the larger meeting rooms. Some rooms are small enough not to require microphones. AFS takes care to assign those who request microphones to appropriate rooms.

Speakers/sound systems will include an audio jack to connect to presenters’ devices.


Free wireless internet will be available in the meeting rooms.

AFS does NOT provide:

  • Computers. It has always been AFS policy NOT to provide computers for presentations. Presenters using AV materials will need to provide a laptop or other device that can store and play all presentation materials, and can connect directly to the projector. In many cases, these arrangements are best worked out at the session level.
  • Video streaming. Wireless internet bandwidth will not be sufficient for video presentations.

Recommendations for using AV at the meeting

  • Contact your co-panelists well in advance of the meeting to make plans to consolidate all audio-visual materials for the session on one presenter’s laptop (and possibly to a backup) in order to smooth the transitions between presentations. Whenever possible, individual presenters should arrange time to test their materials on the shared laptop in advance of the session so they can arrange an alternative if some sort of incompatibility emerges.
  • Bring presentation files, especially audio and video, on your own storage device. Don’t rely on internet streaming for audio or video, since bandwidth may be uncertain.
  • Whenever possible, presenters using CDs or DVDs should send those disks before the meeting to the presenter whose laptop will be used in the session, so that they can be tested on that laptop for compatibility issues.
  • Make certain that you have a suitable adapters to connect to the standard equipment and cables provided, particularly if you will be using a Mac.