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This Thursday, July 22nd, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm is the third in a four-part online series, Negotiating Cultural Appropriation: Lineage, Teaching & Relationships, where teaching artists in dance and music from across the country deliberate on salient issues regarding the politics of teaching, learning, sharing, and performing culture as insiders, outsiders, and diasporic cultural members. There will be panel discussions followed by small group workshops.

The series is part of Philadelphia Folklore Project’s Technical Assistance Workshops, and is offered in partnership with the American Folklore Society, Urban Artistry, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. You can view the panel on Facebook Live.

Flyer for the Philadelphia Folklore Project's July 22nd webinar, featuring the headshots of the five presenters.

This panel will discuss the importance of creating, maintaining, and growing our cultural communities. For instance, as teachers, we may be part of a cultural lineage, but how do we help our students respect that lineage? Is it our job to integrate them into it? And, as individuals, how do we honor those traditions and give back to the communities that have given us so much? What does it look like when we do this poorly? There should be conversations on the realities of what cultural arts teachers struggle with: on one hand, they do not tend to make much money from classes or performances, but on the other, they have gained a lot in terms of purpose and belonging. How much can we expect of them to give back to the art form, especially when time and resources are limited?

Moderator: Lamont Jack Pearley (Executive Director/Founder, Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation)

Upcoming Panels
Thursday, August 5 at 6 pm – Arts Organizations: Rethinking Our Roles
Moderator: Naomi Sturm-Wijesinghe (Executive Director, Philadelphia Folklore Project)Timeframe:
Panel: 75 mins
Break: 5 minutes

Breakout Sessions: 40 minsRSVP to watch the panel via Zoom and/or if you would like to participate in the small group workshops immediately following the panel discussions.
RSVP at…/1FAIpQLSenvD2vMWRFu…/viewform

Philadelphia Folklore Project flyer featuring presenter Lanica Angpak.
Philadelphia Folklore Project flyer featuring presenter Sinta Penyami Storms.
Philadelphia Folklore Project flyer featuring presenter Rosa Ruíz.
Philadelphia Folklore Project flyer featuring presenter Tyler Hughes.
Philadelphia Folklore Project flyer featuring presenter Lamont Jack Pearley.

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