An independent library and archive, physically based in the South West of the UK, with a website managed by dedicated volunteers, which aims to preserve and digitize an ever-growing repository of research material in the field of folklore for future generations of researchers.

Find out more about our field, what folklorists do, and where to learn more. Published by the American Folklore Society, provides a beginner’s introduction to folklore and resources to extend your exploration of this diverse field of study. For students of

The AFS Career Center connects folklorists across all disciplines and career stages with a large and diverse collection of relevant career opportunities. The AFS Career Center is powered by YM Careers, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for professional associations.

A web portal that provides access to online, open-access resources for folklore studies, including core journals of the field, open-access journals, digitized books, conference proceedings and papers, educational materials, and gray literature, including a collection of AFS publications like annual programs.

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