Updated and Expanded Folklore Advocacy Toolkit is for EVERYONE

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The revised Folklore Advocacy Toolkit is a guide to promoting and sustaining folklore work in the United States, now including tips and case studies specific to nonprofit organizations, higher education, independent folklorists, and community scholars. The revised toolkit broadens the scope of advocacy work and includes additional case studies to represent the diverse voices and advocacy needs for our field. 

While the previous version of the toolkit concentrated on important advocacy for the field to legislators and funders, the new version asserts that those working in the folklore field are constantly in positions of advocacy.

This toolkit is for everyone.

The toolkit breaks down components of advocacy into sections on:

There are many ways to be a folklorist and many job titles and roles encompassing our work. No matter the particular role we fill as folklorists, our advocacy can be diverse, geared towards people, groups, issues, programs, performances, and research. It is imperative that all of us as folklorists be prepared with a solid understanding of how best to promote and advocate for ourselves, our work, and our field. This is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.

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