AFS Annual Meeting Highlight: African American Traditional Music, History and the Black Experience: Black Oklahoma Blues

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Mississippi and Chicago are popular locations when discussing the blues. However, there are many regions that cultivated the musical expression. Black Oklahoma has a unique history in itself, and the Blues birthed there is from a style known as “Texas Hot Box” Blues. The panel for this year’s conference will discuss the experiences of the Blues people of Oklahoma, past and present, and how the many historical events informed the movement, culture and expression of the people. This event will culminate in a live performance of Oklahoma Blues by the legendary local Blues musicians and singers on the panel.

The panel takes place at the Woody Guthrie Center®️ Theater, Friday, October 14, 8:30–10:30 pm (CDT).

There will also be a livestream of this event; more details to come.

Chair: Lamont Jack Pearley (The African American Folklorist/Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation)

Wonda F Macon (American Folklore Society)

Walter Taylor III (American Folklore Society)

Sponsored by:

The African American Folklorist
AFS Local Planning Committee
Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation

Woody Guthrie Center®️ Theater
102 E Reconciliation Way
Tulsa, OK 74103

Learn more about this event on the Woody Guthrie Center website.

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