AFS Executive Board at Work on Seating New Board-Elected Member

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Following the general membership’s approval of a proposal to authorize the Executive Board to elect a new Board member each year, the Board is presently at work discussing current, pressing needs, as well as the process for how to best manage the process of adding Board-elected members going forward. The approved Bylaws amendment requires the Board to elect a new member expeditiously, and the Board is mindful of the opportunity to advance work on these priorities.

For now, the Board’s discussion centers on topics that include the following:

  • Changing national trends in academia, including decreasing program support
  • Continued training of future folklorists
  • Supporting multiple pathways into the field
  • Adapting to changing structures in the field and how AFS can support vision and growth 
  • Continued work on diversity and belonging in the field and in AFS

These and other issues would suggest seeking candidates with some of the following skills, strengths, or knowledge, especially if they can help AFS creatively reimagine how to support the field for the long term:

  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Higher education program development 
  • Coalition building
  • Leadership and administration
  • Sustaining and growing programs 

The President and Executive Board will develop a process for soliciting input from members about priorities for leadership and seeking recommendations for Board nominations for the 2023 election at their annual meeting this spring. 

In the meantime, we welcome feedback about the needs and priorities identified above. For now, please send comments to AFS Executive Director Jessica Turner at [email protected]

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