Anna Reepschlager Wins 2022 Sue Samuelson Prize

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Photo courtesy of Nathan Hasselstrom

The AFS Foodways Section awarded its 2022 Sue Samuelson Award for best student paper on food and foodways to Anna Reepschlager, a Master’s Student at Memorial University Newfoundland.

Anna Reepschlager’s paper, “‘Do I Smell Pfefferkuchen?’: Oma’s Gingerbread and Family Folklore” was a good example of tracing a family folklore tradition through multiple generations and changing circumstances. The prize committee noted that it was detailed, informative, and enjoyable to read. 

The prize includes $200 (USD), and publication in the foodways journal Digest. Winners may apply for a travel stipend (of up to $300) to attend the upcoming American Folklore Society conference, provided they are presenting the winning paper or another foodways paper. There is no entrance fee and the contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

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