Greg Kelley Discusses Unruly Audience: Folk Interventions in Popular Media

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Greg Kelley will deliver a review and reading of his newly released monograph, Unruly Audience: Folk Interventions in Popular Media, on February 17, 2021 from 2:00–2:30pm ET.

The book examines how “folk interventions” challenge institutional media with active—often public—social engagement. Drawing on a diverse range of familiar media texts from film, television, stand-up comedy, popular music, advertising, and tourism, Kelley demonstrates how active audiences mobilize folklore to disrupt dominant modes of media discourse. With materials both historical and contemporary and compiled from print, internet archives, and original fieldwork, Kelley’s audience-centered analysis shows us that producers of media are not the sole arbiters of meaning. With folklore as an important tool, unruly audiences refashion mediated expression so that the material becomes more relevant to their own circumstances.

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