Phoebe Millerwhite Receives 2022 Independent and Public Folklorist Sections Travel Award

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The AFS Public Programs Section and the Independent Folklorists’ Section offer an AFS Annual Meeting travel stipend of $750.00. The award supports travel costs (transportation, meeting registration, lodging and/or per diem expenses) for a member of the AFS Independent Folklorists’ Section involved in public folklore to attend the AFS annual meeting and to present their work.

Phoebe Millerwhite (Independent Folklorist, Artist, Educator) received the 2022 Independent and Public Folklorist Sections Travel Award.

Millerwhite is an Independent Folklorist, artist, and educator whose area of expertise is self-taught art/ folk art. She has primarily been working with progressive art studios and non-profit organizations that serve neuro and physically diverse artists. Her work as an independent folklorist involved with public programming in small museums helps increase the diversity of artists being represented. Millerwhite’s work teaching art/art history in underserved public schools and creating workshops for educators focused on effective teaching methodologies when working with students with disabilities is commendable.

As Millerwhite noted in her submission for the travel award her “ongoing research and presentations at AFS meetings play an important role in grounding my commercial and nonprofit work, helping me keep up to date on industry ethics, sharing ideas and strategies for continued work with self-taught/ folk artists both contemporary and historical, connecting with individuals working in folk art museum and university settings, and reinforcing a rigorous academic perspective of commercial concerns and value system.”

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