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American Lore Theater will present a live, in-person performance of Salt Water People, a play by Jake Rosenberg based on fieldwork in East Hampton, New York, on September 10-12, 202 at Brooklyn’s Waterfront Museum in Brooklyn. 

Salt Water People spins the legend of the 12th Generation East Hampton Bonacker Bayman Chris King, and his final fishing trip with his son, Danny. Chris, struggling with the pressures of losing his wife, his home, his boat, and his source of income, catches a mystical creature from the depths of his past; he must choose which he’d rather lose: his son or his mind. 

Salt Water People focuses on the plight of the Baymen of Long Island, and of the Bonackers, descendants of some of the oldest European settlers in America, as well as  their unique and rapidly fading American English dialect. Cast members spent time learning from experienced local Baymen, listening to archival recordings and collecting primary sources. 

American Lore Theater’s mission is to preserve, protect and perform the living traditions of living communities. 

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