Annual elections fill the various offices that will be vacant at the end of the year.

Every year, elections are held for seats on the Executive Board and Nominating Committee, while AFS President is on the ballot every other year. Periodically, amendments to the bylaws are proposed, and must be approved by two-thirds of AFS voters.

Questions? Contact the AFS Executive Director.

About AFS Elections

It is the task of the AFS Nominating Committee to assemble a slate of candidates from the AFS membership for election. Each year, the slate consists of four candidates for two Executive Board seats, and two candidates for one Nominating Committee seat. Every other year, the Nominating Committee presents two candidates for AFS President.

The Nominating Committee calls for recommendations from AFS members by the summer, and releases a slate of candidates and their platforms in advance of the Annual Meeting. AFS members may petition to add additional candidates to the ballot (see Bylaws, Article V, Section 3).

The Annual Meeting provides a Candidates’ Forum where members may hear from the candidates and ask questions.

AFS members vote to elect new officers in November and December. As of 2023, the Executive Board then elects one Board member in January or February each year, relying upon information and recommendations from the Nominating Committee and the general membership. As of 2025, the Executive Board will consist

AFS invites members to suggest candidates for consideration. Contact the AFS Executive Director.

Latest Election News

  • AFS Executive Board Elects Maribel Alvarez as Newest Member
    Dr. Maribel Alvarez (University of Arizona and Southwest Folk Alliance) has been elected by the AFS Executive Board to serve as a member of the Board from 2023-2025.
  • AFS Executive Board at Work on Seating New Board-Elected Member
    Following the general membership’s approval of a proposal to authorize the Executive Board to elect a new Board member each year, the Board is presently at work discussing current, pressing needs, as well as the process for how to best manage the process of adding Board-elected members going forward.
  • AFS Members Approve Bylaws Amendments
    The five AFS Bylaws amendments proposed by the Executive Board in 2022 have been approved by AFS members, reaching the 66% approval threshold required by the AFS Bylaws. Proposals 1-5 will go into immediate effect.
  • AFS Announces 2022 Election Results
    AFS members were elected to office starting in 2023. View the 2022 AFS election results.
  • Cast Your Vote on Proposals for AFS Bylaws Amendments
    Voting opens today on the proposed bylaws amendments, and continues through January 31. Current members will soon receive an email with a link to the secure election system.
  • AFS Offers Separate Ballot for Proposed Bylaws Changes and Two Additional Virtual Town Halls
    In response to a request for more time for public discussion of the proposed amendments before voting begins, the first ballot members receive is limited to the candidates for office, and voting on the bylaws amendments will take place on a separate ballot. Voting on the bylaws will run from December 15 to January 31.
  • Cast Your Vote in the 2022 AFS Election
    This year, AFS members will vote for AFS President, three seats on the Executive Board, one seat on the Nominating Committee, and five proposed changes to the AFS Bylaws.
  • AFS Executive Board Proposes Amendments to Bylaws
    The American Folklore Society proposes five amendments to the AFS Bylaws for your consideration. Together, these proposed amendments aim to make AFS more inclusive, adaptable, agile, and sustainable for the long term.
  • Register to Attend the 2022 AFS Candidates’ Forum
    The American Folklore Society invites you to attend the 2022 Candidates’ Forum, which will take place Friday, November 18, 2022 at 1 pm (EST). 
  • AFS Announces Candidates for 2022 Election
    The AFS Nominating Committee has announced its slate of two candidates for each available office in the AFS 2022 election.
  • Call for Nominations for AFS President, Board, and Nominating Committee
    The American Folklore Society acknowledges the critical role that diverse leadership will play in our future success. This year, in collaboration with the AFS Executive Board, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates in three areas: President, Executive Board, and Nominating Committee.
  • Dr. Rossina Zamora Liu to Serve on AFS Executive Board
    The Executive Board of the American Folklore Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Rossina Zamora Liu has agreed to serve on the Board 2022-24. She brings wide-ranging experience in teaching, research, and community-based projects, as well as particular expertise in Asian American and Vietnamese American community truths and knowledge-making through storytelling and stories.